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Brake Relining & Repair

At Rotor Cranes we can handle all of your brake services. Whether it's brake relining, coil rewinding, or manufacturing brake parts that are no longer available, with a fast turnaround and experienced technicians, you can have your brakes serviced for much less than the cost of replacing them.

We don't only do local work! Crane service companies from all over the world ship their brake parts to us, where we repair them in house for much less than the cost of replacement parts. Call toll free 1-877-706-7700 or email service@hoistcraneparts.com for more information!

Brake Relining

Our bonding and riveting reline services are an excellent way for you to extend the life of your brake & clutch components. We’ll find for you the correct relining solution with asbestos-free friction materials that come in a wide selection of quality and performance-based lining compounds. When it comes to brake bands, discs, pads, shoes, and clutch brakes or cutch discs, with over 40 years of experience we can reline hoist and crane brakes of any kind and for all major manufacturers.

One of the major benefits of having your brakes relined, they can be relined at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new brakes, saving you several hundreds of dollars.

Brake Coil Manufacturing and Rewinding

Rotor Cranes manufactures and remanufactures brake coils for all makes and models of hoists. With a full shop dedicated to coil rewinding and manufacturing, we can produce for you precision wound brake coils and provide expert repair services that meet or exceed original design specifications.

Experienced technicians and state-of-the-art winding equipment are utilized to repair any type of hoist brake coil.

Also, we cast the coil with epoxy, making the coil weather proof.

By having your brake coil repaired you can save thousands of dollars over purchasing a new brake coil. Additionally, if your brake coil is no longer sold by the original manufacturer let us know and we can repair your old coil or manufacture a new one for you.

Brake Parts Manfacturing

We manufacture pads, friction discs, brake fames, anchor plates, and more.

If you're using an older crane where some of the brake parts are no longer available from the original manufacturer, we can manufacture a replacement part for you. We can rebuild hoist, bridge or trolley motor brakes of any kind and for all major hoist manufacturers.

  • Professional brake lining and relining service with over 40 years experience
  • Industry leader in bonded and riveted relining
  • Specialist in all makes of cranes for brake band relining, repair, and custom fabricating
  • Experts in brake coil rewinding, repair, and replacement