The Better, Smarter Way to Service Your Cranes

Save yourself money on the repair and service of your overhead cranes and hoists.

Rotor Cranes (a division of Rotor Electric Ltd) is a Vancouver-based company that can service your hoists & cranes and make improvements to increase safety and productivity.

With a large stock of original parts and the ability to manufacture high quality replacement parts, you can call at any time when your overhead cranes and hoists need servicing.

Free Estimate

You can contact us for a free, no obligation, estimate. Call us at (604) 985-7024 or email service@hoistcraneparts.com to get started.

Manufacture and install the following parts

  • Rope Guides (all makes and types)
  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Crane Wheels
  • Limit Switches
  • Sheaves

Canadian made and machined with care, our manufactured parts are the most affordable and reliable in the industry.

Rebuilding Your Hoist

  • Rebuild complete hoists
  • Control panels
  • Rewind motors and rebar copper and aluminum rotors
  • Replacing rotor shafts
  • Gear boxes
  • Brake repair and relining

Older style hoists last longer and are often built better than new ones. Having your existing hoist rebuilt, rather than replaced, will save you money.

Modifying, Upgrading, and Certifying

  • Upgrade and modify your crane and hoist controls with variable frequency inverters, PLCs, and radio remote controls
  • Certify your overhead cranes, chain rope hoists, and wire rope hoists for weight capacity
  • Adding accessories such as crane scales and load limit switches

In addition, we can troubleshoot and repair your malfunctioning overhead cranes and provide WorkSafeBC inspections, maintenance programs, vibration analysis, balancing, magnaflux, and anti-sway technology.

Backed up by:

  • Highly competitive prices on labour and parts
  • One Year Warrnty on all parts

We'll ensure your crane is working exactly as you need it.

Take advantage of our service special on any crane. Find out more!

We can provide parts and service for the following makes of hoists:

  • ABUS
  • ASEA
  • KONE
  • KULI
  • S.W.F.
  • YALE
  • and more

If you're thinking of replacing your hoist, call us first. Our expert technicians will give you a free on-site estimate, and let you know if repairing your hoist is a better value than replacing it. We will save you money.

Call today for your free estimate (604) 985-7024 or send an email to service@hoistcraneparts.com.