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Rope Guides for CLAYTON Hoists

Hoist Type Part No. OEM Part No. Rope Dia.  
K20 RRK20 - 10R 10 mm Learn More
K30 RRK30 - 13R 13 mm Learn More
K50 RRK50 - 14R M8201LL 14 mm Learn More
K100 RRK100 - 16R 16 mm Learn More
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Quick Facts

  • 10% to 50% more affordable

  • made from aluminum-zinc alloy and stainless steel parts, versus plastic or cast iron

  • more durable than plastic - you'll get more usage before it needs replacing

  • aluminum-zinc prevents wearing the drum, a common occurrence with cast iron rope guides

  • over 200 different rope guides for use on a variety makes and models of hoists

  • Made in Canada