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Limit Switches

Limit switches are safety devices that can cut power to certain functions of your hoist. If you exceed a certain weight or lift a load too high, the limit switch will shut off the crane’s electricity or other system.

A limit switch can be the difference between your lift going smoothly and a costly mistake resulting in damaged equipment, insurance claims, and productivity downtime.

At Rotor Cranes we custom manufacture load limit switches, rotary limit switches, and upper limit switches for wire rope hoists and chain hoists of any size and for operation in the most severe environments.

Wire Rope Hoist Load Limit Switch
Wire rope hoist limit switches can be added to almost all brands of hoists. Custom order your switch by specifying the exact single line capacity, operating environment, and several other options.
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Chain Hoist Load Limit Switch
Specifically designed for chain hoists, this simple and easy to install load limit switch can be attached to the dead end of the hoist or in between a chain hoist and a trolley.
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