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Rotor Cranes carries several different parts for cranes and hoists. We also manufacture aftermarket rope guides and brake components, as well as carrying our own line of limit switches. These parts are manufactured for all makes and models of hoists.
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Let us know what you need and we'll take care of the rest. Parts can be shipped globally using overnight service. The parts we manufacture have an extremely fast turn around. If the part is not available we can manufacture and ship it out to you in as little as 2 days.

At Rotor Cranes you'll find parts that are often no longer produced by the original manufacturer. If we're unable to locate for you the part you need we can always manufacture a replacement for you. Our replacement parts will meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.

You'll find a huge selection of new OEM parts for several makes of hoists, such as:

  • ABUS
  • ASEA
  • KONE
  • KULI
  • S.W.F.
  • YALE
  • and more

We're committed to finding you the right part at the right price. Quality parts, fast deliveries, exceptional customer service.

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Rope Guides Rope Guides
You'll find our aftermarket rope guides to be 10% to 50% more affordable than the original equipment manufacturers. As a crane service company you'll be able to price your service more competitively and make it more likely to win that service contract.

These rope guides are made from aluminum-zinc alloy and stainless steel parts, while many original manufacturers make their rope guides from plastic. The benefit is a more durable rope guide where you'll get more usage before it needs replacing. A longer lasting rope guide means more uptime for your hoist and less costly downtime delays.

We guarantee that these rope guides will give you twice the lifespan when compared to an original plastic rope guide. We carry several makes in stock, and rope guides that we manufacturer that aren't in stock can often be delivered in 2 days.

More affordable, more durable.

Limit Switches Limit Switches
Limit switches are safety devices that can cut power to certain functions of your hoist. If you exceed a certain weight, number of rotations, or lift a load too high, the limit switch will shut off the crane's electricity to the hydraulics or other system that raises the load.

A limit switch can be the difference between your lift going smoothly and a costly mistake resulting in damaged equipment, insurance claims, and productivity downtime.

At Rotor Cranes we custom manufacture load limit switches, rotary limit switches, and upper limit switches for wire rope hoists and chain hoists of any size and for operation in the most severe environments.