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Rotor Cranes offers the sale and distribution of our rope guides and limit switches to third parties.

Are you an overhead crane service company that often sells rope guides or limit switches? If so you may be eligible to become a distributor. As a distributor you can purchase our load limit switches or rope guides for prices lower than the regular dealer price, and sell them at the recommended list price (or whatever price you see fit).

This can amount to a substantial profit for you as our rope guides are already priced 10% to 50% more competitively when compared to the original manufacturer's rope guides.

Rope Guide Distributors

Rope guide distributors are asked to sell a minimum of 60 rope guides per year (average of 5 per month) and carry a stock of at least 5 rope guides in order to maintain their negotiated discount. The stock that you carry should be based on the most common cranes you service. For example, if you service a lot of Demag and SWF hoists, your stock should be made primarily of rope guides for these brands.

If you are servicing a crane and require a rope guide that you don't have in stock, as a priority customer we can have it manufactured and delivered to you in 2 days.

Limit Switch Distributors

Limit Switch distributors are asked to sell a minimum of 36 limit switches per year (average of 3 per month) in order to maintain their negotiated discount.

Because limit switches can only be made to order, as they must be calibrated as per the crane they're being installed on, you do not have to keep any limit switches in stock.

As a priority customer your limit switch will be manufactured, calibrated, and shipped out in as soon as possible.

We're currently looking for distributors in regions throughout the United States and Europe. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please fill out the form below.

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