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Chain Hoist Load Limit Switch

Specifically designed for chain hoists, these load limit switches operate by shutting off power to the up direction of the motor, forcing you to bring the load down.

Any qualified crane technician can easily install a chain hoist limit switch. Depending on the size of your chain hoist, simply attach the load limit switch between the top of your hoist and the trolly, or attach it to the dead end line of your hoist.

Extremely durable, affordable, and easy to recalibrate, if you're using a chain hoist, you'll want to make sure you have load limit protection. A load limit switch can be used to prevent thoudands of dollars of mechanical and electrical damage to your hoist or even protect yourself against serious injuries and costly insurance claims.

Model RLCH Model RLCH
Specifically designed for chain hoists, this simple and easy to install load limit switch can be attached to the dead end of the hoist or in between a chain hoist and a trolley.
RLCH20 Load Limit switch for chain hoists As per request.
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