Aftermarket parts that'll save you money.

Whether it's a rope guide, limit switch, or crane scale, we can get you the part you need at the price that's right.

Parts and Service

Hoist & Crane Parts

Rotor Cranes carries several different parts for cranes and hoists. We also manufacture aftermarket rope guides, as well as carrying our own line of limit switches.
Brakes, Crane Scales, Limit Switches, Rope Guides, Wire Rope, more.

Overhead Hoist & Crane Service

Save yourself money on the repair and service of your overhead cranes and hoists. With over 40 years of experience, call us to service your hoist cranes. Learn more.

Motor Service and Repair

Not only do we rewind motors, you'll also find a variety of additional services. From cleaning, dipping, and megging your motor to installing new seals and bearings, we can take your old motor and bring it back to life. Learn more.

Become a Distributor

Are you in the business of servicing cranes? As a distributor you can purchase affordable aftermarket crane parts at discounted prices and resell them to your customers at the mark up you see fit. Save money and undercut your competitors. Take the first step at becoming a distributor.

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Any Part You Need

If you have a part that needs replacing, let us know. We'll give you a free quote on any part the moment you need it.


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